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“I’ve enjoyed coaching with Siân for about 5 years now. I wanted to find more balance in my life as work takes up a lot of my time. Siân’s not only taught me the technical side of swimming, but her coaching sessions have also improved my mental wellbeing. I’m proud of my progress and I highly recommend Siân.” 

“Brainwaves swimming is fantastic. Siân is a brilliant swimming coach who gets amazing results. She is positive and makes lessons fun and rewarding." 

“I was terrified of getting in the water. Siân took the time to get to know me and understand my fears. Siân keeps you calm by explaining the reasoning behind every move – what your body is doing and how your brain processes information. I really look forward to my sessions, Siân is a truly phenomenal coach.” 



"Siân is an incredible swimming coach - supportive and patient. After a swimming accident many years ago my husband was hesitant to get back in the water. Siân has been wonderful at helping to build his confidence and teaching him to swim. Thank you"
- Gary & Lorna 

"Siân is a very patient coach who offers constant reassurance. Since starting swimming lessons with Siân, I understand more about water and have more control over my breathing when in the pool. As a result, I'm more confident, my fear of water has lessened, and I'm a stronger swimmer. I have a hectic job, and it's good to escape routine and spend time doing something for myself. Siân has a great sense of humour, and I always come away from her sessions feeling uplifted and energised." 

"Siân has been teaching us swimming for over 10 years. I'm impressed by the concentration and focus that she shows during her lessons." 



“I was 40 before I learned to swim with Siân. She understands how water affects your thinking, creates barriers, and causes fear. Siân takes lessons slowly, helping you learn to relax in the water before teaching more challenging techniques. I love my lessons with Siân. She’s a fantastic coach.”


“Siân at Brainwaves gave me a "refresher course and she really made a difference for both my breathing and confidence."


As an adult learner, I was looking for more than just a swimming coach but someone who took a holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing so that I was not just learning to swim but ensuring that I was being taught properly.  I wanted to ensure that I protected my back but also my knees after an operation.  Sian not only takes this all-round holistic approach and is massively knowledgeable but is also very personable, understanding, and fun. What more could you ask for?

"Working with Siân has changed my approach to swimming. Rather than pushing against the water, I'm now more relaxed and able to glide. Swimming has become a more enjoyable and mindful experience."


Call Siân: 01624 853021

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