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Do you suffer from aquaphobia?


Nothing in this life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.” 
Marie Curie 


Overcome your fear of being in water by learning how to breathe out, glide, and stand



If you recognise yourself in any of these scenarios you could be struggling with aquaphobia 


● You avoid swimming pools and being in the sea.
● Panic sets in when you’re submerged in water.
● You can swim but you keep your head out of the water.
● You sit at the side during water-based activities like kayaking and paddleboarding.


If you said yes, you’re not alone. I’ve worked with many people with aquaphobia. It can stem from a frightening experience, a lack of confidence, or missing out on swimming lessons as a child. 


But your aquaphobia needn’t be lifelong. You can learn how to understand water, overcome your anxieties and enjoy the mindfulness benefits of being in water. 

“I felt the water was breathing beneath me…such an amazing experience.” Adele


Watch the video to find out how coaching has helped Adele overcome her fear of being in water.


Three Fundamental Coaching Principles of Brainwaves


Traditional adult swimming lessons get you into the water and swimming as quickly as possible. There's no focus on your mindset. You’re set up to fail before you start.


At Brainwaves, I coach differently. You’re given time to talk through any fears you may have. Your coaching sessions are built around addressing your fears step by step. Of course, I also want to know what your dreams are, so we can achieve those too.

Step 1 – Breathe  


We breathe naturally every day. So why does breathing in water seem so difficult? In simple terms - it isn’t. Through practice, you’ll learn how to control your breathing and how to breathe out in water slowly. 

Step 2 – Float


Water’s on your side. It wants to support you, lift you up and keep you at the surface. You’ll learn how water reacts to your movements and understand how your body works in water. 

Step 3 – Glide



Gliding forms the transition between strokes. When you can glide confidently swimming becomes effortless. 


“I was terrified of getting in the water. Siân took the time to get to know me and understand my fears. Siân keeps you calm by explaining the reasoning behind every move – what your body is doing and how your brain processes information. I really look forward to my sessions, Siân is a truly phenomenal coach.”


Are you ready to unravel your fear and become friends with water?


Swimming lessons to help you address your anxieties, feel more confident in water, and achieve your swimming hopes and dreams. 

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