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Siân Griffith  


Water Psychology Coach, Isle of Man  


Become a confident swimmer by understanding how to work with water.  


Adult Swimming Lessons - book your class and learn to swim.


Breathe. Float. Glide.


Do you feel frightened at the thought of being in water?
Maybe you’ve simply never learned to swim?
Or are you considering adult swimming lessons to improve your technique?


We often refer to water as a “body”. As a water psychology coach, I believe water also has a personality. It’s a living being, interacting with everything and everyone that makes contact with it. 


That’s why my adult swimming lessons are much more than learning technique. To move freely through water, you first need to understand how water works. 


As a water psychology coach, my coaching focuses on how your body and brain interact with water and how water interacts with you. In a 1:1 lesson, you’ll learn to:


● Relax rather than fight water.
● Breathe out slowly in water.
● Move through the water with ease.
● Be mindful while swimming.

All swimming lessons take place in a private pool, removing any embarrassment of public pool lessons. Your fears and dreams are listened to, and you'll be coached to become the best you can be. 

Adult swimming lessons the Brainwaves way

Adult swimming lessons

1:1 lessons for all abilities.             Learn how water wants to support you through support you through holistic and psychological coaching.                                        


I’ll listen carefully to your fears before you step into the water. Learn  how your brain works with water at a pace that suits you.  We'll conquer your aquaphobia and build confidence.                                                                                                                

Swim stronger for longer

If you’re a confident swimmer, I’ll teach you how to understand water, and techniques to improve both your breathing and strokes.

“I was 40 before I learned to swim with Siân. She understands how water affects your thinking, creates barriers, and causes fear. Siân takes lessons slowly, helping you learn to relax in the water before teaching more challenging techniques. I love my lessons with Siân. She’s a fantastic coach.” G.K 

Hi, I’m Siân– swimming coach and water psychologist.


What is a water psychologist? It’s a title that perfectly sums up my relationship with water and style of coaching. If you’re looking for a coach who understands how water works and how you swim with it, you’re in the right place.


My individual style of coaching contrasts with the traditional adult swimming lessons. Through a combination of water psychology coaching and Shaw Method swimming techniques, you’ll learn to swim with confidence. My approach teaches you how to understand and work with water rather than fighting against it. 

Why choose Brainwaves Swimming Coaching?  


A safe and non-judgemental space 


As your water psychology coach, you can tell me your hopes, fears, and dreams without judgment. You can trust me always to put your wellbeing first. 



A unique approach to adult swimming lessons

Discover how your body and brain work together in water. Learn how to engage with water. Lessons are an experience rather than instruction.



Proven techniques 

I have over 20 years of coaching experience incorporating knowledge of the Shaw Method into my approach. My understanding of how the brain 
works means you learn how to be both physically and mentally in tune with water. 

“Before taking lessons with Siân, I was frightened of the water. I only got into a pool if I had to, and I hated it. Since taking lessons with Siân, I can now breathe properly in deep water without panicking. Her unique way of teaching helps you to think differently about water. She’s there beside you all the way, inspiring confidence through her positivity.”  Julia H. 

I want to support you. Water wants to support you.

Book an introductory session today and start your adult swimming journey.


1:1 or 2:1 adult swimming lessons

Private Pool

A unique coaching experience

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